The King's Speech
Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m ready to declare my favorite movie of 2011 — The King’s Speech. An uplifting story of friendship and facing one’s personal demons.

Hot Pot
Rocky had a couple of us over for Hot Pot — perfect way to ring in Chinese New Year!

Rocky’s mantra: “Anything worth doing is worth OVERdoing.” Preach it, brother.

The Local Post
I had some name-changing bizness to finish up today.

Sleep Well
Later that evening:
Whoever decorates the placards for the Atlantic Crossing does an excellent job.

…put to good use.

I had some fabulous meals thanks to White Center today. Soon, I’ll have to redirect you to where that story will be told.

611 Supreme
We followed tonight’s dance class with a visit to the creperie in Capitol Hill: 611 Supreme.

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