San Francisco Street Food Festival
Two days into our trip, Mr. T’s coworkers talked of the Saturday San Francisco Street Food Festival. I know Seattle plans to have one soon in SLU, but this seemed like such great luck to have our trip coincide.

After scoping out massive crowds, we decided to hit up Humphry Slocombe first. Our ice cream flavors: Peanut Butter Curry for him, Ancho Chocolate + Cinnamon Brittle for me. I also tried Secret Breakfast (bourbon + cornflake), Prosciutto ice cream, and Pepper + Mint (wicked good). The day’s flavors are in this picture.

ice cream

We headed back to the fair before waiting for another local friend to meet up with us.

San Francisco Street Food Festival

Crowds were deep. The festival was far more well-attended than organizers anticipated. And frankly I spent the last two days of our trip feeling full — the ice cream for brunch didn’t help matters. So I didn’t want to spend time in lines 50-100 deep. I wandered, looking for photo ops. The sheer variety of what was considered a small sampling of San Francisco’s culinary scene made me feel like I’d found my Mecca.

San Francisco Street Food Festival

This guy looked like good people. I almost got in line after watching him work the crowd of onlookers.

Save Street Markets, Delay No More

I know what to get gastrognome for Hanukkah:

I <3 Foie Gras

We hung around for the Mission for longer than planned since the neighborhood seemed a black hole for cell communication and there were a lot of crossed messages. Sadly, we missed out altogether on spending more time with a couple of folks, but Pete came out to find us since we had our plans a little more solid with him. He took us away from the Mission, into the fog through Golden Gate Park and over to the Beach Chalet. We hung out for a bit before heading back to SFO to return to Seattle.

See you next month, San Francisco!

Humphry Slocombe is at:
2790 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Humphry Slocombe on Urbanspoon

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  2. Maya says:

    Sounds like a great time for a foodie like you!

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