End of Lazy Sunday
Upon waking, Mr. T made eggs and ham for the croissants from yesterday’s stop at L’Artisan. It was good fuel for my weekly long run–10.2 miles, a step down from last week’s 13. This is part of training ramp-up; every third week is slightly shorter than the week before. Next week will be 15.

Before running, I lazed about, reading Valley of the Dolls for next week’s book discussion. I started getting into it, but it has lulls. I am nearly done after several hundred pages today. It’s Sex and the City: the Prequel, with more drugs.

Last week, I mentioned to motomotoyama that it’d been months since I patronized Target and it was time to head back. This is a sideshot from the parking garage in its final moments. The sunset was spectacular.

Dinner in Mill Creek
We had every fine intention of spending the afternoon with Mr. T’s very large extended family on Camano Island. Turned out a semi was our nemesis, blocking four lanes of I-5 North near the Everett Mall. We retreated at the nearest exit, once we heard the radio report, taking side roads south, near where Mr. T spent his last two years of high school. Since that time — well, even since I lived in Snohomish County until aught-four — Mill Creek’s expanded and we found this new Indian place, The Clay Pit, right near a new Central Market (jealous!).

He got the Tandoori Chicken Tikedar; I got the Nawabi Korma with Chicken: 4/5 stars. I prefer the tandoori sauce from our favorite–India Bistro of Roosevelt–but this was good. The Nawabi Korma was great.

Before dinner, I finally visited L’Artisan of Silver Lake. I first heard about this bakery from a cooking-school classmate last year who nannies for a family in SnohoCo. She raved about the bread, but I’m pretty spoiled by the fabulous options in Seattle proper. We grabbed a Truffle Tart in addition to the baguette. The tart was an amazing treat at home, right before we watched Babel.


I bought this about a month ago, but it finally arrived. I figure folks need fair warning.

Like most Seattle Summer weekends, we have a full one ahead, with tomorrow featuring Camano Island in the afternoon, a breakfast in the AM with a friend who’s known me since Junior High–no small thing for a Louisiana transplant–and a potential friend’s band playing in Ballard in the late PM.

We’d originally considered going to Emerald Downs tonight to celebrate a birthday in Mr. T’s extended family, but opted for the night in. He made pizza, I went running.

Make Your Meals Healthful and Gay

I didn’t actually cook today. Mr. T did, bless his heart.

After I got all my homework done (*cough*errands, running*cough*), motomotoyama planned to stop by. I recently got into this vintage recipe cookbook group and the month’s theme was vegetables, so…I was perusing the 1956 edition of the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook before she came over. I probably found it at the Seattle Public Library’s AWESOME semi-annual sale, full of 1950s and 1960s newspaper clippings and cut-outs. It features a number of step-by-step photo layouts for subjects like measuring methods, entertaining hacks, along with 50 ways to make roast, soup, cake or pie, whichever’s your thing.

BIYF Ringleader
Today, we had a dodgeball tournament. I knew from the start I’d be there for pictures. Note to self: use a different lens for those Action Shots.

Anyhow, on the right here is the ultimate victor of the day right before the final showdown. Shortly thereafter, we all retired to the Fremont Ballroom for refreshing bev’rages and conversation.

The crew involved in the tournament was internationally diverse; lots of folks not from around here. Before heading to the field, my friend K from eastern Africa asked, “So, I signed up for a team…what’s dodgeball?” G fielded with a quick overview, and K replied, “would this be like a draft dodging?”

The Sloop
I had this volunteer thing, so I missed the playoff game with my kickball folks. Afterward, I met up with them at The Sloop in Ballard. Turns out, they were blown out of the water by some damn Unicorns. Better luck, next season.

Sorry if you’re not into our gardening successes…but I’m actually not that sorry. Hey, look! We have another crop. Beans!

It’s another Monday. Successes? I rode into work today. Otherwise, it was sort of a bureaucratic day, just gettin’ stuff done.

For dinner, we had our lettuce and cucumbers and zucchini from el jardin.

First Broccoli
Ah, broccoli. Mr. T has been makin’ noise about needin’ to harvest. It went well with the leftover steak from yesterday’s outing to visit Carey on Bainbridge.

Today was a really laid-back day. Uh, I ran 13 miles. Other than that, I was lazy and we ended the night with Charlie Wilson’s War. Highly recommended movie.

A good friend invited us over to spend the day at her place on Bainbridge. En route to the ferry on I-5, I finally saw the Blue Angels. A worthy traffic jam, really. We watched more of their shenanigans while in the waiting line.

Once we got to the right side, there was lounging and talking. Fantastic Saturday.

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