Theo Chocolate - S'mores Days
This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Theo Chocolate in Fremont is celebrating National Smores Daze on the sidewalk in front of their factory between 3 and 6. I remembered after 5 today, just in time. I got to try a s’more with freshly made graham crackers, marshmallows and their coconut curry chocolate. Tomorrow, I might have to go back for the Chai Tea chocolate.

For lunch, I tried the prawn sammy with poutine and the basil limeade from the Skillet Street Food outpost. And for dinner, it was back to Ballard to hang with Misty & Co for dinner. She cooked up oysters and we spent time with my recently rekindled love, the Olympics.

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2 Responses to National S’mores Daze at Theo

  1. Misty says:

    Hey, just found this blog off of Kate’s! Cool! I must eat more seafood more often. Now I need to go buy some scallops.

  2. Misty says:

    p.s. prawn sammy with poutine? Is that what they serve in heaven?

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